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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  May 22, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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. an rest in the beating attack against giant's fan bryan stow. late details on a news conference that just wrapped up. a massive search is underway right now for an infant taken from her bassinet. >> we'll show you the celebration in san francisco's castro district for the second annual harvey milk day in the city. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. good evening i'm ken wayne. >> melo again, i'm heather holmes. >> developing news out of los angeles, within the last hour,
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police released new details about tonight's arrest of a suspect in the brutal beating ever san francisco giants' fan bryan stow. the arrest came at 7:00 this morning at this apartment building in east hollywood. authorities in los angeles a short time ago revealed the break that led to the arrest and a press conference that wrapped up about 30 minutes ago. detailing the arrest on the beating that took place at dodger stadium. >> we got a tip from a law enforcement agent, a parol agent, as a matter of fact, about an individual. this was one of the many hundreds of tips that the mayor referred to, but we began to work this one actively. during that active work, surveillance was done, a lot of background investigation was done. and more information was developed that led to enough information that we were able to obtain a search warrant for this individual. >> police say the man arrested was the primary aggressor in
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the attack and depicted in this sketch you see here. officials may release his name as soon as tonight. meantime, officers are searching for at least two more suspects. 42-year-old bryan stow remains at san francisco general after suffering severe brain damage in the march 31st attack at dodger stadium. we have been poling this story all day for you, including talking to bryan stow's family about the news of the arrest. ktvu's maureen naylor is live outside of san francisco general hospital where stow remains hospitalized. >> reporter: heather this morning i spoke with bryan stow's mother shortly after she got the news. she says she is excited and that the family is incredibly relieved after getting a call from lapd. the arrest came 7:00 this morning when los angeles police officers with guns drawn searched search wants at several locations including this east hollywood apartment complex. >> everybody had to go out, everybody. everybody. they said in spanish and
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english. >> reporter: several people were detained and a bystander said a bald man with tattoos was one of them and match wundt of two sketches posted on billboards around la limit ion i said for sometime this was an absolute priority of ours. our officers have been working day and night to find these individuals, and i said back then that we would and we have. >> reporter: after hearing the news, bryan stow's mother and sister came to visit him at san francisco general, where he remains in critical condition. online they thanked supporters and posted "we would also like to thank lapd for their hard work on this case. we are overwhelmed with many emotions today." two of those fellow sand clara paramedics were not able to visit their co-worker, but were thrilled to hear of the arrest. >> it was wrong for those guys to do that and justice is served and it's going to be happen. i'm definitely happy about
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that. >> reporter: they continue to wear badges with stow's name, hopeful that the next news is that his condition has improved. >> i hope to see him and hope he gets boca raton and we're definitely praying for the best. >> reporter: bryan stow's family says he has opened his eyes burb not yet voluntary. many steps still to be taken. also bryan's mother says his two children are not yet seen him since the attack. and finally, a reward for $200,000 or more has still been offered for information leading to the arrest of any suspects. reporting live in san francisco, maureen naylor, ktvu channel 2 news. the san francisco giants issued a statement following the news out of los angeles today along with offering its support and prayers to the stow family the team said, "we commend the los angeles police department for their hard work and we're confident that they will continue to dedicate themselves until all of those responsible for this senseless act of violence have been brought to justice." >> it has been more than seven weeks since stow was brutally beaten at parking lot in dodger
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stadium. he was actad on opening-day, march 31st and taken to usc medical center where he was put in a medically-induced coma. on april 15th, stow's family made a public plea for help in finding his attackers. earlier this month sketches of those attackers went up on more than 200 billboards throughout los angeles. last tuesday, stow was transferred from los angeles to san francisco general hospital, where he is remains in critical condition. and then, the news just this morning. that lapd authorities made an arrest in the case. a number of supporters have raised money to help the family with medical expenses. this fundraiser at mccovey's raised $10,000 and tomorrow, the roundtable pizza will donate 30% of their sale to the stow medical fund.
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you can keep up with the latest in the case by visiting our website, and clicking on eye bryan stow" tab. in other news this evening an intense search is underway all day for a missing 4-month- old infant. ktvu's paul chambers in contra costa county. >> reporter: as you can see this is still an active scene. they have been searching for this 4-month-old child since 6:30 this morning. >> we just want the baby home safe. >> reporter: look at this 4- month-old child her name is ramy gallegos. >> the baby was in her bassinet next to mom's bed. and mom woke up at 6:00 in the morning to feed her and the baby was gone and the backdoor was open. >> reporter: investigators will not confirm the information about the door being open, but said that the child was put to bed round 10:00 last night and
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when the mother woke up eight hours later, she was gone. officers also say it's treateds a missing person case, but say it's suspicious. >> the thing that is suspicious is that the child doesn't have the ability to disappear on her own. >> reporter: investigators are not sure why it took 20 minutes for the family to report the child missing. deputies took little rammy's parents into custody, although currently they are not considered suspects. they have brought in several k- 9 units and dozens of people too look for her. >> i feel like i'm in a bad dream. i could not imagine waking up to nurse my baby and not being there. >> reporter: once again little rammy is 4 merchandises with dark hair and blue eyes, weighing 14 pounds and last seen wearing a one pajamas.
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the contra costa sheriff's office ask if you have information, to please call. an update on the story we brought you last night on the 10:00 news and a stock and amber alert triggered last night could face charges. the man told them that the children were kidnapped at this intersection in stockon yesterday's afternoon, but when the children's mother heard the story, she told police that the 3 and 6-year-olds were safe and with her. and that they have had never about with their father. three young children reported missing in fairfield are safe tonight. it's a story we reported on kutv and say the children were found with their mother at about 10:00 this morning. investigators say there was a miscommunication between the children's mother, who is a transint and other relatives. no criminal charges will be fileed. >> oakland police have identified a man and woman
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killed in separate shooters yesterday, 22-year-old bianca august died after someone shot through a windshield around 4:30 yesterday afternoon. someone drove her to highland hospital where she was pronounced dead. 24-year-old timothy barnes was shot to death at 90th avenue near hillside street. four young men were seen running from the area. no arrests have been made in either case. san francisco police tonight are searching for three suspects after a shooting in the bayview district. it happened just before 12:30 this morning. police say a man was sitting in his car with a laptop when three people approached him. officers say the men then tried to snatch the laptop and shot the victim. all of the suspects got away. the victim was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. also in san francisco, an investigation tonight into a deadly motorcycle crash. it happened overnight at 40th and judo in the outer sunset. police taped off the area
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shortly after getting the call for help. it's still not clear what led up to the crash. the victim has not yet been identified. to say story we first brought you last night on the 10:00 news, police remain on the lookout for an armed robber who held up pacific precious metals yesterday. the robber was wearing black clothing a mask and surgical gloves and got away with will about $10,000 in cash. police in livermore are investigating a blast and its possible connection to drug activity. ktvu's janine de la vega talked to investigators about the explosion that critically burned three people. >> she ran out and made her way to the grass. it seemed like a large bang and stick of dynamite went off for something. >> reporter: livermore police say after 5:00 yesterday evening there was an explosion in one of the first-floor apartments in this complex.
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it was so powerful that it blew out the windows and caused part of the porch to rip apart. neighbors were horrified by what they saw. >> the two guys were sitting on the curb and their skin was just peeled off and one guy as hand was gone and the girl was dully sitting out here on the grass just screaming with her cloths half off, like melted off. >> reporter: police and firefighters had the victims airlifted to the hospital and today police treated the apartment as a crime scene. they packed the victims' clothing in bag as evidence and they are calling it suspicious. >> you don't usually have an explosion of this type that occurs inside an apartment short of a natural gas leak or something like that. and it does not appear there was any type of leak. >> i would always smell marijuana coming up from the windows, and i did smell weird odors and my son heard clanking noise. >> reporter: police would like
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to interview the three victims, but that is not going to happen because all they are lifted in critical condition at hospital with life-threatening injuries. janine de la vegaa, kiro-7 eyewitness news. second annual heavy milk day was celebrated in san francisco's castro district this afternoon. the gay and lesbian freedom band played to mark the occasion the mick's gay nephew stewart milk and state assemblyman ammiano addressed the crowd, reminding them that milk was concerned about many communities when he he was elected supervisor in 1978. >> harvey milk was commitmented to several issues of social justice, whether the homeless, disabled or elderly or labor and that is a part of his character that i would not like to see diminished. >> harvey milk was the first openly gay man elected to office in california.
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he and mayor moscone were assassin yeatsed by dan white. there abright white ribbon in twin peaks and the medical milestone and it's bay area ties will be coming up in less than 30 minutes. >> that giant ribbon was easy to spot once the clouds lifted and ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo. >> health, the winds have been branch up over the past few hours. you can see the current conditions out there and look at sfo right now. this is the last hour, a wind gust of 54 miles per hour. sustained wind speeds of 44 miles per hour. hayward at 31 and livermore at 23 miles per hour. forecasted in the short-term for tonight, gusty winds, temperatures 58 to 68 degrees. a few high clouds morphing through the bay area at 8:00 and 10:00, temperatures back town into the 50s. overnight lows in the 40s. antioch 48 degrees, san
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francisco at 50 and san josi first thing monday morning right around 48. so here you can pick out on the satellite the cluster of clouds moving into central and northern california. coming up, if you are tempted to put away that umbrella in storage, you might want to hold off and i will let you know when shower chances return to the bay area forecast. celebrating in san josi, but it's not for the reason that you think. we're live outside of the shark tank with reaction to today's playoff game. reform takes center stage in san francisco this week and there are several plans on the table, but will they unite or divide? >> and dui checkpoints n fire and the reason a north bay lawmaker is taking aim at the law enforcement too. ♪ let's go out to the dmv
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♪ it's ok that we're number four hundred and three ♪ ♪ we'll find ourselves a comfy seat ♪ ♪ and watch some shows and stuff ♪ ♪ ♪ let's follow that lady with the laptop ♪ [ male announcer ] now you can watch hit tv shows on your laptop with u-verse online and on your smartphone with u-verse mobile, included with most plans. or get u-verse tv for as low as $29 a month for 6 months. in the network you can take entertainment with you. . >> sharks frenzy has turned into frustration as the sharks are now just one game away from
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elimination in the stanley cup playoffs. ktvu's debora villalon live where the canuck fans are cibcing. >> reporter: today's defeat tough on shark fans not to mention being certainated by, "oh, canada," afterwards. >> this time we'renott losing. i'm happy about the win today, but it's a little premature to celebrate the series. there is still more hockey to be played. >> reporter: fans from vancouver rallied on the shark tank steps, saferring their 4-2 victory. tuesday night the series goes back to canada and that is a must-win in the sharks are to stay alive in their pursuit of the stanley cup and then they have to win two more after that, shot shuting the canucks
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down to go to the finals. nobody is minimizing that challenge, but the believers insist it can be done. >> we just need a few more breaks. we had a couple today and we operated for 52 minutes, but you have to play 60. >> you don't win in 526789 you win in 60. >> we have been on the road before and you think this team plays better when they are behind and they are the underdog. i believe we're going to win game 7. >> i think they can all go back to canada where they came from. they don't recognize they are in san josi. >> reporter: for shark fans all the canuck flag-waving is a little hard to take, especially here at home, but they say it will make vengeance especially sweet when they turn the tables obvancouver on tuesday. the sharks need to show some teeth. live in san josi, debora villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. a runaway horse was put down today after he ran for through a glass window in east san josi. winds say the horse was running
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down white road last night when it ran into this western wear store. the horse tried to back up bub was unable to escape. police say the horse was bleeding from multiple cuts for nearly half an hour when they were forced to put the fine animal do you know. the owner of that horse has yet to come forward to explain how it escaped. a horse in marin county has tested positive for a virus that has killed several horses across several states. the highly contagious equine herpes virus was traced to a horse show in utah. so far there have been more than a dozen other confirmed cases of the virus in california, several equestrian shows across the west have been canceled result. a large porshe of one of san francisco's morris popular parks will be closed next week. much of the south end of dolores park will be shut down from july 1st to the end of the year to workers can install new equipment and that means some
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traditional events, such as dolores park movie nights will have to move to a different location in the park. the san francisco symphony says it's canceling it's concert series in the park because of that construction. a showdown is looming over pension reform as ktvu's claudine wong tells us, city workers will be asked to give back more concessions this week to help the city overcome yet another budget deficit. >> reporter: there is little question that san francisco voters will be weighing in on a pension reform plan for the city in november. >> i have been listening to their perspective on a lot of those issues, and it still seems that overall in general most people aren't satisfied with what is going on. >> reporter: there are three on the tabe, one from mayor ed lee and one from public defender adachi and one representing the city's employments, but there may be common ground. >> i think we'll see a comprehensive package introduced at the boor on
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tuesday and because it's going to include both pension refox and healthcare reform, that it's going to actually exceed what prop b would have been, which would have been savings of $121 million a year. so i think we'll have a great measure for the voters to consider. >> reporter: former supervisor and marine candidate dufty acknowledges that city employees have given back in the city's current financial crisis over the past two years, but everyone seems to agreensboro more needs to be done. the question at this point is what? it seems there is a agreement that the retirement age needs to rise and employees need to contribute, but as always the question is how much and for how long and will this unite or divide? >> i think we'll stand together. i think this is a very serious issue in san francisco. city employees care. they are involved. our city leaders think will come together and have something good. >> reporter: a plan has to be presented to the board of supervisors by tuesday, a majority vote needs to be done by july and then voters will weigh in in november.
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in san francisco, claudine wong, ktvu chars. gas prices continue their downward trend across the country, the new national average is $3.85 for a gallon of regular unleaded one week ago it was $3.96, but here in the barack we're still paying much more than that. the average price in san francisco is $4.22 a gallon. in san josi and oakland, it's $4.12 a gallon dui checkpoints could be restricted under a bill making its way through the state legislature. santa rosa democratic assemblyman michael allen says some police departments use are using the checkpoints to wrack up impoundment fees and he is experiencing a bill that would prevent authorities from impounding a vehicle in a licensed driver can pick it up. assembly leaven it's is unfairly targets those when lose their vehicles even if they are duval. president obama says
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mideast peace acknowledges must recognize the borders as a starting point, but not fessly an anteing point. ending point. >> israelissi and palestinians will negotiate a border. >> it must incorporate changes since 1967, but he also reassured the lobbying group that the us is commitmented to israel's set. field of potential republican candidates for president shrank again today. indiana governor mitch daniels sent an email to supporters telling them after long consideration he would not run for the 2012 nomination. it's believerred he decided not to run due to opposition from his wife and four grown
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daughters who didn't want to face the intense public execute any of a presidential raise. a bay area woman is challenging companies to bring down the nation's unemployment numbers one person at a time claudia cowan tells us how many jobs have already been created in this unique campaign. >> reporter: while the nation's sluggish economy is showing signs of rebounding, government figures show 13 million people are still looking for work. in san francisco, carla emil wants to help them. >> when i thought of the idea, i thought this might be doable. the idea of one job at a time, not thinking of the whole problem. but creating one job at a time. it seemed like something that could actually be done. challenges every company to create one new job to help the economy on transcribe. so far 180 firms have signed up
5:25 pm
and 63 have actually filled new positions in seatacors like position sectors like technology and retail. >> i thought it was really in the spirit of what carla was trying to do with the program was create a job, but see if you could really make sure that your business is benefiting from it is the point and just doing things yourself rather than waiting around until someone else kind of gives you a hand out. >> reporter: economist james forcier believes it could lead to market volatility. >> firm latter-day saints hire someone prematurely and not have the sales to support it and that does concern me. >> reporter: emil says at the very least her website sparks a
5:26 pm
grassroot moment and national conversation about job- creation. in san francisco, claudia cowan, fox news. coming up on ktvu, channel 2 news 5:00 a man tied to the bombing attempt at times square is deported and how he helped in the fail terrorist attack. a volcano in iceland is causing big problems in europe and how it effects travel. and a deadly tornado takes aim at a kansas town and a look at devastation as people try to pick up the pieces.
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. a grammy winning song- writer faces charges of rape and sexual assault was found dead in his manhattan home. police say the victim of an apparent suicide. joseph brooks won a grammy and aacademy award for best origin song for the 1977 ballard "you lilt up my life." police say he was found at his apartment with a plastic bag around his head and towel wrapped around his neck. brooks was arrested two years ago at and police say a suicide note was found, but didn't reveal its content. a man who gave the money to the man who tried to bomb tile square in new york has been deported to pakistan. alie khan gave the money to shahzad, who was convicted of an unlicenses money transfer and immigration fraud. khan claims he didn't know what
5:30 pm
the money was for, faisal shahzad filled the suv with bombs in times square. the bomb failed to go off and he was arrested two days later. militants attack a base with bombs and gunfire. commandos have been and able to fend off the militants. the attack was quickly condemned by pakistan's prime minister. a reporter on the scene says the base in karachi was considered one of the pakistan's most secure area. the us announced two american soldiers were killed today during operations in central iraq. the military supplied no further details, but awave deadly violence also rocked baghdad today. more than a dozen bombs killed at least 16 people, most of them iraqi security forces. the explosions today coincided with the last dave britain's involvement in the
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war. today's bombings renewed concerns that iraq cannot police itself. yemen's president has balked eight deal with his opposition of the today ali abdullah saleh refused to sign an accord that requires his resignation saying opposition leaders must come to the palace for a signing ceremony. just yesterday selah promised to sign the accord. proposition activists vowed to continue their protest until the president steps down. thousands of protesters remain camped out in public squares across that country. and thai police arrested a major tiger trafficking suspect. their stick operation began when they purchased the bengal tiger sylvia as a cub more than a year ago. officers traced their deposit to a 49-year-old man who claims he has only financed such smuggling once. today police brought the suspect and the now adult tiger together for a press conference in bangkok and believer that the trafficking ring has transport as many as a thousand
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tigers and leopards in laos and vietnam. officials have established a france zone around an erupting volcano. the grimsvotn volcano is spewing ash into the air iceland's main airport shunt and officials are concerned that european travelly mai be further disrupted. a deadly tornado ripped through a small town in eastern kansas, killing at least one man. this is video of that twister has bore down on reading. officials are asking residents to leave their homes, because most of the town doesn't have power. it's expected that they will be able to return tomorrow. some people in louisiana are getting an extra day to evacuate from the latest flooding. new estimates about the crest
5:33 pm
of the mississippi river have postponed evacuations in butte la rose until tuesday. more on the arrest today in the brutal beating of a san francisco giant's fan outside of dodger stadium. a call center opens today in san francisco's castro district, the social cause behind the big opening. also, an unusual sight on top of san francisco's twin peaks. the historic significance behind this bright symbol.
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. >> updating you now on our top story tonight, los angeles police released new details within the past 90 minute on the arrest of the man called the primer aggressor in the beating of san francisco giants' fan bryan stow. the man described as suspect no. 1 was arrested this morning at an apartment, this one here in east hollywood. l.a.'s chief of police said officers continued to search for two more suspects in this case. for that reason, police are not yet releasing the name of the man in custody. >> you just have to know right now, it's extremely important that we keep as much of the investigation confidential as possible in order not to alert people as to what our next move. >> 42-year-old bryan stow is treated at san francisco general hospital for severe brain damage he suffered in the march 3911 attack. our other top story a larceny scale ground and air everyone is a is underway for 4-
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month-old ramy gallegos in eastern contra costa county. the baby's mother said she put the baby to sleep last night and when went to check it on infant this morning, the baby was gone. police questioned the childs parents, but say they are not suspects that the time. an historic location in san francisco's castro district was dedicated to helping gay and lesbian youth. the author of "milk," the sean penn movie that depicts the slain supervisor's life says the building will serve one of milk's great causes summed by his always saying, "i have got to give them hope." >> we have to have the safety net for those not in place where's they have mentors to turn to or gay and lesbian
5:38 pm
families or infrastructure to turn to. we need places like this. >> the trevor project is named for a 13-year-old boy who almost took his life when he realized as we gay. and giant red a's memorial ribbon can be seen on san francisco's twin peaks. volunteers put the ribbon in place, marking the 30th anniversary of the first aids case reported in san francisco. nearly 20,000 san franciscans have died from aid since the pandemic began. the aids ribbon will remain in place until july 18th probable a gathering of travel operators and tour writerstined as part of the us travel association international pow-wow. san francisco is playing hospital to this year's event. crews at moscone center were busy putting together displays for the convention that showcases america's tourism and hospitality industries. the floor will open to visitors on monday and organizers say the pow-wow gives a huge boost to the host city. >> b.a.r.t. is taking its mobile seat lab
5:39 pm
to the fruitvale district, planning to upgrade hesitate fleet of trains and seats and riders will be asked to give their input of the best mix of seat sizes and coverings. many catholic families in the north bay are saying goodbye to a long tradition. ursuline high school in santa rosa will graduate its final class a week from today at a ceremony at sonoma state university. all-girl school taught students for 130 years. the school will host a final celebration on-campus in june. most students not graduating will attend cardinal newman high school, which is become a co-ed institution with the shut down of ursuline. >> and there is a chance of showers on the horizon. channel 2 meteorologist mark tamayo is next with when you might need your umbrella.
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. >> ooster knots on board the space shuttle endeavour doing routine maintenance ran in a some trouble. one of the astronaut was work on the station's solar power array. when the panels on the machinery popped off and flew away into space. none of the astronauts were injured and that equipped continues to operate. the crew will finish the job in another spacewalk later this week. if you go outside, you might need a lot of extra this. [ laughter ] you could probably use a whole can of this outside. it's really windy out there. mark tamayo in the weather center. >> heather, ken, that is my secret for today, because the winds have been cranking up over the past two to three hours, especially coast side around the bay. take a look at the maps and you
5:43 pm
can see a little bit of activity on radar, rain showers the north and east of the region. we're dry with partly cloudy conditions, but gusty winds and another check at the golden gate bridge. we have small-craft advisories in place for the boaters. san francisco a chilly 57 degrees. so you can count on the gusty winds with them backing off late tonight into early tomorrow morning. so just be prepared for, that least around the covert and around the bay.toid, scattered cloud, windy and tomorrow morning cloud cover and skies becoming partly cloudy. we'll bring in a chance of showers and still talking about shower chances. right now the satellite and radar, you can see a few high clouds moving across north and central cloud in response to this area of low pressure to
5:44 pm
the north, basically cap our temperatures for monday, until tuesday. warmest locations approach, the lower 70s. for wednesday, here is a significant change. a fairly strong system for this time of year will be moving in. this will bring us cooler temperatures, more cloud cover and a chance of some scattered showers. the latest forecast models kind of converge on that idea as we head into your midweek forecast. first thick tomorrow manager at 8:00, overcast near the coast. targeting parts of south bay, but we could have patches across the region tomorrow morning. into the afternoon showers, partly cloudy skies and high clouds moving in, but still patchy, coastal fog by 3:00 and 4:00. your forecast beginning tomorrow morning at 7:00, upper 40s to low 50s. >> by 12:00 a sun/cloud mix, and then by 4:00, partly cloudy. there is the eventual temperature range. not a big change from today, warmest locations approaching
5:45 pm
the lower 70s. san josi 68 degrees and half moon bay, 69. here is a look ahead. the rainfall season continues to go for us, at least a chance of for tuesday, pasty morning fog. there is the rain cloud on wednesday. so there is that chance of showers on wednesday. thursday and friday and, in fact, by friday, we're thickening up the clouds that will lead to a cool weekend, a holiday weekend coming up. it looks like quite a few clouds in place and temperatures on the cool side. so if you are looking for a heatwave, it is not in that forecast. >> it's got to come some time. >> i will keep you posted. >> thank you mash. i three-stove why are greenwich village townhouse is 9.5-feet wide and whomping 30- feet deep and once home to cary grant. it could be yourses. asking pricing $4.3 million. >> the third pirates of the caribbean sequel is making
5:46 pm
quite a splash at the box- office. "pirates of caribbean, on stranger tides," inland l90 million this weekend. that is the biggest movie opening so far this year. comedy "bridesmaid" ranks second and in third place, the superadventure "thor." >> followed by "fast five, "and the 3-d animation "rie" coming in at no. 5. youth, the giants go for a beige sweep in the game against the after's. and the sharks try to even their series against the canucks. sportswrap is next. we'll be right back.
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free access to chase atm's wherever you are. that's a step forward. chase customers can avoid atm fees with over 16,000 nationwide. take a step forward and chase what matters. . good evening everyone and
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welcome to this early sunday night sportswrap rightly or wrongly the san josi sharks have at times had their hearts called into question during the playoff and they need heard and then some to avoid being eliminated by the canucks. things came unraveled for the sharks after a scoreless 1st period. mitchell is called for hook, 5 on 3 for the canucks and quickly convert as sami salo scores. this time salo with the one- timer and it's 2-0, vancouver. after a delay of game penalty against douglas murray, the canucks 5 on 3 again and again
5:50 pm
it's a one-timer from henrik sedin. this shot from point goes in, but the canucks also dished out some punishment. torres with a hit on joe thorton, causing thorton to leave the game. no word on his availability for game 5, which will be an elimination game for san josi in vancouver. the sharks weren't dwelling on the 5 on 3s, but their power- plays early that they didn't convert. >> we didn't score. that is it. i mean, yesterday you guys were asking me why the power-play so hot? it was just gone. we were scoring and we didn't score. bottom line. >> it's frustrating. the momentum shouldn't change. so we were skating well, i thought, at times and to draw those penalties, we have just got to bury one of them. >> reporter: do you have the
5:51 pm
talent to win the next three games (we're going to find out. >> well, it was a familiar formula for the giants yet again today at at&t park. not only have this won most of their games there this year, but have not done so in walkoff facing seven times. a sweep of the as in the bay bridge series. getting things started off in the 1st, sanchez with a double as the ball rolls around torres is running hard from 1st. jonathan sanchez working on a 2- 0 lead in the 5th. the line drive to 3-d. oakland having all kinds of trouble this weekend, scoring on san francisco pitch. willingham gets into a sanchez pitch with just enough to get over the left-field fence a's on the board, trailing 2-1. in the 7th, the a's like the pitch, change.
5:52 pm
coco crisp drills one down. burrell with trouble with the ball. 2-2. the a's taking their only lead of the series. 3-2, a's and they added one more in the 8th, enter nate. ryan sweeney makes a beauty of a throat, but kurt suzuki can't hang on. the giants complete the sweep and have won five in a row and nine straight at home against the a's. 5-4 the final in 11 in this one. the a's get a shot at the giants at the coliseum next month, 4-3.
5:53 pm
>> colorado leading milwaukee 1-0, brawn with a drive that dexter fowler can't get of. two runners score easily and when fowler throws wild braun comes around himself. three-1 win and the rockies 3.5 behind the giants. still to come on this early sunday night sportswrap, the tour of california has its winner and how the 8th and final stage went when we come back. and how the most dominant team in modern rugby got a little more dominant. we'll be right back.
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. barring anything crazy the horner signing autographs before today's 8th and final stage from santa clarita too thousand oaks.
5:56 pm
radioshack team that included three-time winner levi leipheimer. >> the university of california product charlie wi trying to nail his first pga tournament when david toms was on his heels. one stroke back, animal kingdom -- that was yesterday at the preakness. this thing will roll and break and end up right in the hol. wi shot a respectable 69, but it wasn't quite enough. because tom, who lost last weekend in the playoff and shot a 74 yesterday rediscovered his stroke today. he was on the par-5 11 hole hits the green and rolls back in for a eagle. toms plays the back 9 four under par. toms earns his first win in more than five years. when you have won 25 national championships, you are expected to win 26, if you get a chance.
5:57 pm
that is what the cal rugby team did yesterday evening, but it didn't come early. byu byu and cal have met to determine the ncaa whoop. asbun with the game's first score. thiss shamus keller crosses the goal line. 26 national championships, eight of the nation assists last ten and 19 of the last 21 for the golden bears. bernard hopkins may have been hiding his identity as he entered the ring in montreal, but once his fight with john pascal got going he wasn't afraid to do some showing off, like doing pushups during rounds. the 46-year-old hopkins dominated the 28-year-old pascal to win by unanimous decision. he is the oldest man to ever
5:58 pm
win a national boxing title. that is it for this early sportswrap. we'll see you tonight at 10:00 with more on the sharks. thank you, joe. be continue to follow the big news out of southern california and the announcement of the suspect in the beating of a giant's fan. we expect to learn the identity of the man arrested later this evening, plus more on where the investigation stands. all of that coming up tonight on the 10:00 news. that is our report for now. i'm heather holmes. >> i'm ken wayne and for you all of us at ktvu, thanks for joining us. you can go online all the time at our next newscast is at 10:00. good night. >> good night
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